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Plant Based Nutrition &

Weight Loss Coaching

Andrea Davidson, CHHC

Say good-bye to the overwhelm and the frustration of not

knowing what to eat for weight loss and start

feeling confident in your eating decisions!

"Andrea helped me on an emotional and practical level stop overeating and obsessing about calories, and start eating nutritious, satisfying, plant based meals that left me guilt-free and craving-free."

- Meg, Private Client


Hi, I'm Andrea

I'm a Plant Based Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach and founder of, A Happier Health. Living as a pescatarian over the last 15 years has proven to me how food and personal diet can transform the way you feel, function and flourish in life.  Unfortunately, there is an overwhelming amount of information that can be confusing and misleading when it comes to health and nutrition and that's where I come in. I help you simplify your efforts and create a game plan so you can start making confident food decisions and reach the weight where you feel your absolute best.  

This is How Coaching Works

Personalized Diet & Flexible Meal Plan


We identify opportunities for easy & simple changes to your diet to create balanced, nutritious meals that support your weight loss goals.

Step by Step Guidance


We create an effective plan that's easy to implement.  I am your personal guide to help make sure you are eating enough of the right foods to reach your weight loss goals.  No more guessing & feeling frustrated!

Accountability, Support & Structure


I help you provide accountability to yourself and give you genuine support to keep you moving forward. You will have action items that we develop together to keep you on track with your weight loss efforts.

Ready to get started?