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Andrea is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Plant Based Nutritionist based in the Midwest and works with clients throughout the U.S.  She received her education from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City and has training in Raw Food Culinary Arts.  Andrea uses her knowledge and expertise to help her clients understand the benefits of how food can help your body function at an optimal level (better metabolism, increased energy, reduced stress and cravings & fully functioning digestion).

Over 15 years ago Andrea transitioned to a plant-based pescatarian diet and has had the opportunity and experience to help others do the same ever since.  She specializes in plant-based nutrition and weight loss.

Learn more about her coaching programs here.

Prior to transitioning to a career in health coaching, Andrea spent over a decade in corporate finance buried in spreadsheets and financial statements.  She witnessed firsthand many of her colleagues struggling to lose weight as they turned to trendy diets and weight loss foods that left them hungrier and stuck in the same place time and time again.  They were stressed, frustrated and didn’t know where to turn.  As an overweight adolescent herself, she understands the physical and mental burden extra weight can carry on a person and wanted to help others who were experiencing this themselves.

Her ability to connect with her clients and provide genuine support to ensure they reach their desired goals is what makes Andrea a true coach.

As a plant based nutritionist and weight loss coach, Andrea’s approach to health and wellness is very personal and specific to each individual she works with.  She helps her clients create a diet that works for their body, lifestyle and goals.  Formed habits, personal beliefs and lifestyle challenges come in many different forms and are most effectively addressed based on an individual's goals.  She digs deep with her clients to provide the most useful tools, insight and feedback to help them achieve their desired health goals.  Most of Andrea's clients come to her initially for weight-loss, but end up completing her coaching program with new knowledge on personalized nutrition, how to increase energy with delicious food and how to feel better than ever in their body.

Andrea recently left the Windy City of Chicago and moved to the Hoosier state of Indiana with her husband Brian (the biggest IU Football fan in the Midwest) as they welcomed their daughter Dolly into the world.  Although Brian is a meat and veggie chip kind of guy, she still loves him and tries to feed him as many plant foods as she can.


Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Coaching Mastery Training, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Raw Food Chef Certification, Raw Gourmets International

Certified Yoga Instructor, Core Power Yoga

Ready to feel better?

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