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"I really loved working with Andrea. Talking to her is easy and enjoyable - like having a phone call with a good friend. I didn't think that I would ever be one to meal prep but she made me realize how easy and well worth it prepping can be and the results speak for themselves! Very happy client. Would recommend!"


Washington D.C.

"After gaining about 10 lbs during COVID quarantine, I went to Andrea to get some tips on cleaning up my diet and taking those 10 back off. I'm a sugar ADDICT, and really struggle if I'm ever asked to count calories or "watch what I eat." I went to Andrea with those two problems (sugar and weight loss without calorie counting) and got some really really helpful strategies. It's like she knew the mental struggle without me explaining it! I now have really easy ways to manage my sugar cravings, and to build veggies into my diet. Both things will cut calories without me having to overhaul my life. Hey easy weight loss, I see you! She was also super nice and very easy to talk to. Highly recommend!"


Chicago, IL

I am so grateful to Andrea- working with her for the last 6 weeks is absolutely the best gift I have given myself! Each week I learned so much. Implementing what she taught me into my daily life was easy and I felt great. Thanks for everything!


Franklin, MA

"I feel much more secure in what I am doing. I'm not questioning myself and feeling confused about food combining and whether I am doing WFPB eating the proper way. I am much more comfortable weighing myself daily. I now use the scale as a tool, I no longer attached my self worth to the number on the scale. This was a really big deal for me. My mindset has even increased with the tools I learned working with Andrea. I feel better mentally and physically every single day. My questions were answered in ways that made me feel a sense of freedom. My physical and mental health are extremely important to me, I feel empowered by having spent time focusing on areas I felt confused about."

- Sheri,

Seal Rock, OR

"I can't say enough great things about Andrea. Not only is she so genuine and down to earth, she is excellent at what she does. Andrea goes out of her way to make things convenient for you. She also caters her knowledge to whatever it is you need. She prioritizes your overall health and not just a "diet". She focuses on positive life changes in a reasonable way. I highly recommend Andrea!"

- Crystal,

Chicago, IL

"I was struggling with overeating and weight gain and decided to find a plant-based nutrition coach to help me lose some extra pounds. I came across A Happier Health on a google search and am so glad I did. Andrea helped me on an emotional and practical level stop overeating and obsessing about calories, and start eating nutritious, satisfying, plant-based meals that left me guilt-free and craving-free. She introduced me to fast and easy recipes and food prep options I’ll no doubt keep for life, and she gave me new tools to help recognize when I become full/sufficiently satisfied with a meal (something I was never good at!). I highly recommend Andrea for anyone looking to improve his/her health through plant-based nutrition…you won’t find a better coach!"


- Meg,

Alexandria, VA

"Andrea helped me create awareness around what my diet had become.  I thought I was eating healthy balanced meals, but realized I was snacking more than I thought, which was a gamechanger when it came to losing the weight I had gained over the last several months.  The way she worked with me was so personal and non-judgmental.  I would highly recommend Andrea if you are struggling with your weight and are ready to try an alternative approach that doesn't involve restrictive diets."

- Jennifer,

Maryland, VA

"For most of my adult life I was on a diet.  I tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, you name it and I was always struggling to keep the weight off.  I was frustrated and felt lost in not knowing what direction to go in to lose the extra weight I had gained and been holding on to in the last several years.  I found Andrea and felt as ease as soon as we started working together.  Her approach made so much sense and was easy to continue on after our sessions had come to an end.  I am so thankful I found her and was open to trying something I hadn't tried before."

- Susan,

Portland, OR


"Andrea has been such a pleasure to work with! She has helped me in so many ways besides just weight loss. I look forward to our sessions. I am glad that I found Andrea as my health coach."

- Dr. Dani,

Arlington Heights, IL

"I had an amazing experience with Andrea - she was organized, professional, knowledgeable and incredibly personable! I loved her grocery shopping tips, customized recipes, and meal prep tips. I feel physically and mentally better after working with her!"

- Dr. Laura,

Birmingham, MI

"Andrea has been essential in helping me achieve my weight loss and nutrition goals. Her approach included the initial collection and discussion of my health history, collaboration with me on a continuing plan of action, phone appointments that fit into my schedule, enjoyable sessions on mindfulness and physical activity and easy recipes and grocery lists for healthy and delicious meals. She is professional, compassionate and so generous with sharing her knowledge and support. I can’t believe that I have achieved my goals in a timely manner after struggling for many years! I am actually enjoying my new approach to nutrition and physical activity that has worked with my weight loss to transform my body into a shape that I seriously thought I would never get to again.  I never felt that I was “dieting” and continue to enjoy special events and meals out without feeling restricted. I feel physically and mentally great and am so thankful that I now have a lifestyle that works!"


Grosse Pointe, MI

"Andrea has exceptional expertise in healthy meal prep, creating smart shopping lists, finding delicious recipes, and cooking healthy and satisfying masterpieces. On top of all that, she's sweet, kind, and fun to talk to!"

- Lindsie,

Wauwatosa, WI

"Andrea is an amazing person who has the rare combination of someone who is understanding, holds you accountable at the same time. She has a wealth of information, and conveys it in ways that are very relatable and empowering."


Chicago, IL

"I would highly recommend working with a coach, especially Andrea. Andrea is mindset and goal focused while being realistic in her approach. The accountability was critical to my success."


Chicago, IL

"Having always been a skeptic I never thought something like “health coaching” would work for me.  In working with Andrea I’ve been able to modify my behavior with the physical and emotional results of which I would never had dreamed possible.  I can sleep better, exercise more and eat healthier with little cravings.  Thanks, Andrea!"

- Larry,

Grosse Pointe, MI

"Andrea was a fabulous health coach for my 12 year old son who was having difficulty gaining weight with healthy eating. She worked with him for around five months, and spoke with him on FaceTime every two weeks giving him advice and encouragement on his progress. She also sent me shopping lists, recipes, and tips on how to create appetizing foods that were packed with calories and nutrition that my son would love. My son still uses a lot of the tips Andrea provided when he makes himself smoothies and snacks. He often will eat foods that he makes himself and now enjoys helping out in the kitchen with dinner and snacks. I would highly highly recommend Andrea to any child or adult looking for healthier way of life."

- Abby,

Denver, CO

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