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Program Details & Offerings:


Jump Start Nutrition & Weight Loss Program


+ Initial Health Assessment

+ 1-on-1 Weekly video/phone sessions

+ Personalized Nutrition Plan

+ Personalized Plant Based Recipes

+ Access to Plant Based Guides

+ Accountability | Tools | Support

+ Unlimited Email Access

The 6-Week Jump Start Nutrition & Weight Loss Program is my most popular program offering. Starting with the first session, we dive right into what's been keeping you stuck at your current weight and identify exactly what changes you need to make to reach your weight loss goals.  Each session provides the chance for us to discuss challenges, develop solutions and keep you moving towards your goals. After 6 weeks you can expect to feel lighter, have confidence in your eating decisions & have a plan to keep you moving forward.

Single Session
Nutrition Consultation

+ 75 Minute Session
+ Initial Health Assessment & Goals Review
+ Food Log Review - Feedback & Recommendations

The Single Session Nutrition Consultation is perfect for the person needing a tune-up on their diet, seeking specific guidance on a particular goal or issue (weight-loss, digestion, cravings, etc.) or has specific areas of their eating habits they want to improve.  During our 60-minute session together, we will get a clear picture of what your goals are, discuss strategies for tackling them and develop a plan for you to get the results you're looking for.

Monthly Maintenance



+ 30 Minute Session (1 session per month)
+ Goals Review/Check-in (Accountability)
+ Discuss Challenges & Any Areas in Need of Support

The Monthly Maintenance Program is available to clients that complete the 6-Week Jump Start Nutrition & Weight Loss Program or the Single Session Nutrition Consultation.  This program is for maintaining the plan created during our initial work together and to provide accountability and support on an on-going basis.  We meet once per month for 30 minutes and discuss challenges, areas in need of support and/or strategies to keep you moving forward as you make progress towards reaching your goals.  Our sessions can support your current weight loss goals or help you maintain the results you have achieved.

Invest in your health today for a happier tomorrow.

How Coaching Can Help You Reach Your Goals:

1:1 Coaching


+ A safe space to discuss your challenges

+ An evolving discussion on how to overcome obstacles

+ A support system to help define & reach your goals

+ A game plan to reach & maintain your goals

+ Strategies that are specific to you and your lifestyle

+ Unbiased nutrition education - with a plant based focus

+ Personalized guidance tailored to your individual needs


- A one size fits all diet to follow

- Judgement

- Strict rules around food choices

- Restrictive eating plans

- Overwhelming & time consuming recipes and meal plans

- About feeling isolated

- A temporary weight-loss solution

By creating trust in one another I help you gain clarity on what is truly important to you when creating a diet & lifestyle that will help you meet and maintain your health goals.  When you allow yourself to challenge past beliefs you create the opportunity for a breakthrough that allows yourself to actually start seeing the results you are looking for.

Personalized Diet & Flexible Meal Plan


We identify opportunities for easy & simple changes to your diet to create balanced, nutritious meals that support your weight loss goals.

Step by Step Guidance


We create an effective plan that's easy to implement.  I am your personal guide to help make sure you are eating enough of the right foods to reach your weight loss goals.  No more guessing & feeling frustrated!

Accountability, Support & Structure


I help you provide accountability to yourself and give you genuine support to keep you moving forward. You will have action items that we develop together to keep you on track with your weight loss efforts.

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