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(happy employees)

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When employees are

happy & healthy,

the work gets done.


Improved Morale

Improved Energy Levels

Less Sick Days

Increased Productivity Levels

Happy Employees

Looking to add additional offerings to your current Wellness Program?


Check out the Lunch & Learn topics below:

Managing Stress for Better Health

Understand the underlying source and cause contributing to stress, the impact stress has on your health and individualized tools to manage stress more effectively.

Includes an introduction to meditation.

Intuitive Eating

A guide to personalizing your diet for your own nutritional needs.  Learn how to listen to and trust your gut when it comes to making daily food choices.

Health Goals Reset

Learn a new way to approach setting and achieving goals for your personal health and other important areas of your life.


Office Snack Consult

Provide employees with the fuel they need to perform

at an optimal level and maintain sustainable energy.

Consult includes audit, assessment and recommendations

on your company's current offerings. 

Employee Coaching

Offer your employees 1 on 1 health & stress management

support to improve focus and performance in and away from

the office.

Don't see what you are looking for, contact us with your request.

Please inquire further for pricing.

Pricing is based on group size, specific needs

and travel requirements.

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