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Plant-based Nutritionist

& Weight-loss Coach

Andrea Davidson, CHHC

Create a plan. Feel confident in your eating decisions.

Take the stress out of losing weight.

"Andrea simplified how to implement a plant-based diet into my busy schedule in an easy & sustainable way."

- Laura, Denver CO

"Working with a nutrition coach who ACTUALLY eats a plant-based diet was incredibly important to me.

I'm so glad I found Andrea as my coach."

- Samantha, Charleston SC

"Andrea offered me the combination of accountability and genuine support to help me stay on track."

- Brenda, Chicago IL

"Weight-loss was my initial goal, but I wanted to make sure I was also focused on my overall health.

Andrea helped me connect one to the other and reach both goals."

- Pat, Grosse Pointe MI

The Coaching Framework


Identify opportunities for easy & simple changes to your diet.


Create an effective plan that's easy to implement.


Accountability and genuine support to keep you moving forward.

Ready to get the support you need to get the results you want?

Hi, I'm Andrea...


It's so nice to meet you.  Not too long ago I was in the same boat as you might be finding yourself in today.  I wasn't totally sure what I should be eating, I felt like I was always hungry (and always snacking) and I was really struggling to lose weight.  Even after knowing what foods were healthy and what foods weren't, I was still struggling to lose the extra 20 pounds that seemed to have appeared overnight. It wasn't until I got really honest with myself about the habits I had created, that I was finally able to identify areas in my diet that needed adjusting.  It was this realization that allowed me to create a simple, sustainable game plan that I felt confident in for getting back on track with my eating habits and return to the weight where I felt my best.  


As a Plant Based Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach, I help you identify opportunities to make effective changes to your diet that are sustainable and enjoyable and that allow you to feel in control of your eating decisions.  As a pescatarian for over 15 years, I share personal experience along with science backed research to guide you towards reaching your weight loss goals.

If you want to :

✔ Improve your health

✔ Shed excess weight

✔ Increase your overall energy

✔ Love how you feel in your body


Schedule an INTRO CALL to get started today.

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