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Plant Based Nutrition &

Weight Loss Coaching

Andrea Davidson, CHHC

Learn HOW to incorporate a plant-based diet into your lifestyle to REACH & MAINTAIN weight loss goals.

What Does a Plant-Based Diet for Weight Loss Look Like?


The Food

Just because a food is labeled "vegan" or "plant-based" doesn't mean it's the best option. An effective plant-based meal for weight loss has a large focus on fresh whole foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds & grains -yes, you can eat carbs and still lose weight!)  Eating the right foods for your body can make a huge difference on how your body uses food for fuel.


Your Plate

Knowing how to balance your plate with the right mix of macronutrients (carbohydrates + protein + fat) is essential to weight loss.  Good news, you can create a balanced plate on a plant-based diet.



Learning how to fuel your body with the food it needs when your body needs it is just as important as the food you're eating.  When you master meal timing you will be able to sustain energy levels, reduce cravings & see progressive weight loss results.

Coaching Offerings:

Nutrition Consultation

The Nutrition Consultation is perfect for the person needing a tune-up on their diet, seeking specific guidance on a particular goal or issue (weight-loss, digestion, cravings, etc.) or has specific areas of their eating habits they want to improve.  Based on your needs, it can be a one time meeting or extend with monthly follow-ups.

6-Week Nutrition Program

The 6-Week Nutrition Program is my most popular program offering. This program is for you if you are trying to lose weight and are completely stuck.  You are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and are ready to learn an effective method of weight loss that doesn't require another diet.  After 6 weeks you can expect to feel confident in your eating decisions and know exactly how to move forward with your weight loss goals.


Hi, I'm Andrea


It's so nice to meet you.  As a Plant Based Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach and since starting my coaching practice, I've had the pleasure in helping many implement a plant-based diet into their lives and experience a true transformation with their health.  As a plant-based eater myself for over 15 years, plant-based nutrition is my specialty and weight loss happens to be the outcome my clients achieve.

As an overweight adolescent, I understand the physical and mental burden extra weight can carry on a person.  My ability to connect with my clients and provide genuine support to ensure they reach their desired goals is what gives me the honor of calling myself a true coach.

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Integrative Institute of Nutrition

Coaching Mastery Intensive, Integrative Institute of Nutrition

Certified Raw Food Chef, Raw Gourmets International

Say good-bye to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about not knowing what to eat to reach your weight loss goals and start getting results! 

See What Past Clients Have to Say

"Andrea has been such a pleasure to work with! She has helped me in so many ways besides just weight loss. I look forward to our sessions. I am glad that I found Andrea as my health & nutrition coach."

Danielle H.

Arlington Heights, IL

"I am so grateful to Andrea- working with her for the last 6 weeks is absolutely the best gift I have given myself! Each week I learned so much. Implementing what she taught me into my daily life was easy and I felt great."

Emily W.

Chicago, IL

"I had an amazing experience with Andrea - she was organized, professional, knowledgeable and incredibly personable! I loved her grocery shopping tips, customized plant-based recipes, and personalized meal prep tips. I feel physically and mentally better after working with her and met my weight-loss goal!"

Laura L.

Birmingham, MI

If you are interested in learning more about how working with a plant based nutrition & weight loss coach can help you:

✔ Lose Weight in an Enjoyable Way

✔ Reduce Cravings

✔ Increase Overall Energy

✔ Love How You Feel in Your Body


Schedule a complimentary intro call to get started today.

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