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How to Make Daily Movement a Habit That You Will Never Want to Break!

Activity does not need to be an hour workout class or a 3 mile run every day. Start simple so you don’t get overwhelmed and discouraged and are able to make activity a daily habit.

There are so many more benefits that come from getting daily activity besides just burning a few extra calories:

The TOP 3 BENEFITS of daily movement that you may not always be thinking about:

1. Improved Mental Clarity & Focus – Stepping away from a computer or your work environment that requires intense focus for a long period of time can be a great way to give your mind a break and reset, improving your cognitive functioning and reduce headaches.

2. Improved Digestion – Moving throughout the day can help your digestive system do it’s job. Have you ever been constipated or had issues with bloating after a long car ride? The same thing can happen when you are sitting in a chair or at a desk for hours on end. Twists and side bends (check out a great gentle yoga class

) are great for detoxing waste from your body and to keep bowels moving smoothly.

3. Reduced Muscle Tension – By getting up and moving throughout the day you can loosen up tight muscles that tend to develop in the shoulders, neck and hip flexors allowing your overall body to feel better and function better.

Okay so how do we make sure we get our movement in EVERYDAY?

TOP 3 TIPS for making movement a DAILY HABIT:

1. PLAN for it ahead of time - Schedule your activity (even if it's a 5 minute walk or stretch on your yoga mat) on your work or personal calendar, add it to your to do list – whatever you need to do to set that time aside for you, do it. I promise whatever you are working on, will be there when you come back.

2. The EARLIER in the day the better - If you can do some kind of daily activity earlier in the day, it will without a doubt always happen. If it's not planned, excuses and life obstacles will inevitably show up. It might start raining, you're starving for dinner, or your exhausted from a long day. If you get movement into your day early, whatever additional activity you do throughout the day is a bonus.

3. Start short and sweet - Start off with a goal of 10 minutes and build on from there. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to find an hour block of time or even 30 minutes in your day. Some days you may not have that, so break it up. Take 3, 10 minute walks or take a 20 minute morning walk and do a 20 minute online yoga class in the afternoon. Some days might seem overly packed with to-dos, but I promise you, if you plan these activities in your day, they WILL happen.

Starting and creating an activity plan can be really tough sometimes. If you are looking for additional support on how to implement new habits into your daily routine, like movement or plant based eating, schedule an intro call HERE and we can create a plan together that works for you!

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