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Morning Routine - Why you should have one.

Your morning routine does not need to involve journaling, meditating or intense physical activity. Phew.

Your morning routine, is just that, YOUR morning routine. It's a set of activities, or rituals you might call them that set you up for the rest of the day. Your routine might change, or shift as you add in things you need in the morning and let go of activities that you don't. The point of a morning routine is to provide comfort in something that feels familiar and something that doesn't require a ton of decision making efforts first thing in the morning.

Thinking back to high school, I even then had a morning routine. It's quite laughable now, but it was something that provided me comfort and set me up for my day (it may have included highly processed artificially flavored yogurt, graham crackers and cool whip, yep cool whip, but we'll get to that in another post).

Let's talk about how to create your own morning routine. I find the formula below works well and can be adjusted to suit your personal needs:

1. When you wake up, get out of bed.

2. Hydrate.

3. Make and eat breakfast (if you don't eat breakfast, omit this step and re-assess life...just kidding, just skip this step!)

4. Vitamins/Supplements.

5. Bowel Management (use restroom, if you've given your digestive system a break in between dinner the night before and breakfast today, this step will be CRITICAL!)

6. Hygiene (brush teeth/floss/scrape tongue).

7. Fix your bed.

8. Get Dressed (even if you work from home).

Again, add in or eliminate any steps that don't serve you. When you find what works for you, stick with it. You'd be surprised how anxiety levels can decrease and even how thought clarity improves first thing in the morning when you make your morning routine a habit you truly enjoy.

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