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Never Forget to Take a Supplement Again!

You are super excited to up your game on gut health and micro-nutrients and have decided to add a supplement or probiotic to your diet. But, you are finding it difficult to remember to take them everyday. Does this sound familiar?

Good news! I have some tips to help you remember, and better yet, help you not need to remember a single thing! Follow one or all (don't worry, there are only 3) of the tips below and never go another day without your vitamins/supplements.

1. Morning Routine

If you read my last post on creating a morning routine, you would have seen Step. 4, take vitamins/supplements. The more consistent your morning routine, the more of a habit this step will become without needing to consciously remember.

2. Consistency

Take your supplements at the same time everyday. This is a big one. If you take a supplement in the morning one day, and mid-day the next, you will find yourself always guessing as to if you took it, or if that happened the day before. Create a habit to take your supplements at the same time everyday.

3. Morning or Night?

Good news! Doesn't matter. If you want to take your probiotic in the morning, take it in the morning. If you want to take it at night with other supplements that are better taken at night, take it then. Just be consistent with it, and you will never forget.

Note, most supplements can be taken in the morning or at night. There are a few that I would recommend taking at a specific time of the day. The big ones are vitamin D in the morning and magnesium at night. I personally, take all of my supplements/probiotic in the morning, except for magnesium. I find it works for me. If you are uncertain as to when to take a supplement, test it out. Try taking them all in the morning one week and see how you feel. If you feel good, great, you've figured it out! If you don't, try another time and see what works for your body, schedule and natural rhythm.

Cheers to stressful-free supplements!

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