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The Simple Life

In the recent months, our lives have most likely gotten more complicated. Home schooling challenges, preparing more homemade meals for ourselves and possibly our loved ones and scheduling time to separate from work even when it’s staring you in the face 24/7. You might be thinking, with all these new challenges, how can be possibly return to any kind of normalcy. The good news is with our current environment and eventually maybe even our new environment there are many positive things that have and continue to come out of the new world we are living in.

Let's take a look at just a few:

1. The New Commute – If your commute consisted of driving into the office or taking a long train or bus ride, that most likely is no longer the case. You now have anywhere from 20-60 minutes (depending on your commute time) of time back in your day! What are you going to do with it? Walk the dog vs. letting the dog out, 30-minute online yoga class or maybe even getting the well-deserved sleep you normally lack throughout the work week? The options are endless so make sure you don’t let that time go to waste!

2. At Home Meals – If you were like me you took not only your lunch to work, but also a few snacks to keep you going throughout the workday. The good news is you no longer have to pack travel meals in that old Tupperware! You can actually make a fresh, delicious lunch in the comfort of your own home! The best part is you can use real plates and silverware and you save time (adding even more time back in your day) by skipping the step of the daily lunch container washout!

3. Access to Fresh Air – Did you work in a high-rise building or in an office that took about 10 minutes to make your way out the door (waiting for an elevator, getting stopped by a co-worker)? It made it almost impossible to find time in your busy day to step outside and get air, right? Now…most likely you can either walk right outside when you need a break or maybe down a few flights of stairs and you are there, outside breathing in that fresh air that is oh so good for you!

Challenges in our new environment will be there and you will figure out how to navigate through them. Remember to cut yourself a break when learning the new way of the land and take advantages of the benefits that come along with the environment we are all currently living in. Simplicity is there if you let it happen!

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