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The Truth About Alcohol.

Alcohol. Most of us have a love hate relationship with alcohol. In the moment, we love it, a zesty margarita with tacos, or a crisp beer on a hot sunny day. Unfortunately, when we drink one of these refreshing beverages, our clear thoughts begin to blur and our decision making abilities begin to suffer. Why does this matter?

This matters because you are the only person that has to deal with the consequences of consuming an alcoholic beverage. Your husband doesn't have to experience your hangover or the extra weight gain that comes with alcohol consumption and excessive calorie intake, your friends and family aren't the ones suffering from a headache and dehydration, you are.

What if you could continue to participate in all of the social outings and holiday gatherings, but not drudge through the consequences that come from drinking?

Guess what, you can! It's called making a choice while considering the consequence, and then acting accordingly to what is going to benefit and impact you, and only you.

But everyone is annoying when they drink and I don't.

Are they? If that's the case, remove yourself from the situation, they won't know you've left and you'll get a goodnight's sleep.

I've started to drink sparkling water with a splash of bitters (sometimes a heavy splash), when I'm out and it's made the world of difference in the conversations I choose to have with people when out socializing and more importantly the impact it's had on the decisions I make towards my diet and lifestyle needs.

Check out my upcoming post on, How to Navigate Conversations Around Not Drinking Alcohol With Confidence.

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