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What Exactly IS A Plant Based Diet?

The short answer is, it depends...

My definition of a Plant Based Diet is, an individual's diet (daily food choices) that is made up of majority plant based whole foods.

Example foods include:

Fruits & Vegetables

Whole Grains

Beans & Lentils

Nuts & Seeds

Unrefined Oils, Vinegars & Aminos

Spices & Herbs

A Plant Based Diet can ALSO include:



Fish, Poultry & Other meats

I work with individuals that have the goal to increase plants in their diet and want to tune in to how non-plant foods (eggs, dairy, fish, meat, etc.) effect how they feel physically, mentally and energetically on a daily basis so they can make the decision on how much they would like to keep in their diet. Together we find the ultimate balance for THEM. This is where personal coaching comes into the picture. Everyone’s body is extremely different, it operates in a different way and FEELS differently towards different foods. Long gone are the theories and principles of a single diet approach.

The 3 MAIN REASONS I love a Plant Based approach are:

- It's the easiest and most effective way to ensure you are receiving plentiful amounts of nutrients and essential vitamins.

- Optimally digested by your digestive system (meats take the longest for our bodies to digest, fruits are the easiest) – Why is this important? When our bodies are able to use the food we eat for fuel, it is converted to readily available energy. Consuming food items like meat, take longer for our system to digest, putting it in overdrive if we don’t give it a break.

- Greatest variety – think about your favorite fruits, veggies, nuts and grains and then multiply that by 20….there are so many amazing options when you focus on including plants into your diet.

For years, when I would tell people I don’t eat meat they would look at me with confusion and say well what do you eat? I would take a big breath of air and then rattle off the 100s of different plant based foods that I include in my diet on rotation regularly.

The reason I share my love for plants is not only because I know personally how they support a healthy body and provide energy in a sustainable way, but because they are so accessible and versatile. To some this can be overwhelming, and that is completely understandable.

My strategy for most things in life, but definitely for those starting to make some major health focused change in their own diet is to start SIMPLE. I’m going to say it again, SIMPLE. There is no need to go out and buy every superfood Whole Foods carries or even go overboard on Reiki mushroom blends or MCT oils, start simple.

3 TIPS to get started on adding more plants to your diet:

1. Focus on fresh, whole foods (this means, anything in the produce section) and if you are just getting started don’t even worry about what to buy and not to buy organic, start with your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables and go at it.

2. Season simply – this means using a good quality olive oil, salt and pepper. No need to get fancy just yet. Start simple so you can actually taste the food you are eating.

3. Keep meal prep to a minimum – again if you are just getting started here, you will most likely become overwhelmed if you have a huge list of meal prepping to do before you even eat a bite of anything. Suggestions for meal prep, wash any produce that needs to be washed, chopped anything that needs to be chopped. That’s it! This way everything will be readily available when it comes time to putting it all together.

A Plant Based Diet is super accessible and in my opinion the most sustainable. Meals can be as simple as you’d like, making them can be quick & easy, they are easy on our digestive systems, and they offer a huge variety so you don’t get burnt out on eating the same baked chicken and steamed broccoli every night.

Funny being a plant based health coach I rarely get into the nuts and bolts of diet on a broad spectrum, primarily because it can and will look very different from person to person, but I wanted to really hone in on why my coaching efforts focus on a Plant Based Diet approach along with mindset work on how connecting our awareness around the food we eat can make our own personal diet decisions and choices so much easier.

If you are looking for support on creating a Plant Based Diet of your own to help you increase energy and feel great in your body I would love to help you get there. Schedule an intro call HERE to get started.

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