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Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

What are diets? If you google “diet definition” Merriam-Webster has 11 different definitions. Eleven! No wonder there is so much confusion surrounding diets and how we “should be eating”. Number seven on the list states a diet as, “to eat sparingly or according to prescribed rules”. Who wants to do that? “Eat sparingly”, what does that even mean? What are these prescribed rules they are referring to? This exact definition is why diets don’t work.

Diets or different eating patterns than your norm, are often time, restrictive, unsatisfying and cause more stress than relief when attempting to follow a strict set of rules. And who made up these rules? Do they know you? Do they know what foods you like and don’t like? What foods give you a headache or cause symptoms of bloating and gas? No, they don’t know you. I’ll say it again, most diets don’t work, because they are extremely general and not personalized to each individual.

In working with my clients, I assess your current lifestyle, your health goals and or concerns and we work together to find a “diet” that is right for you. What does right for you mean? It means, a diet that you are excited about, a diet that contains foods that make you feel good and taste good and that can easily be incorporated in your lifestyle. Coming from personal experience, when I consume whole, real foods full of nutrients that make me feel good, I don’t have room or desire to eat the crap that makes me feel like shit.

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